Tuesday, 23 April 2013

City to get one lakh more affordable houses

City to get one lakh more affordable houses

In a boost to redevelopment of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority(MHADA) colonies, the state government has hiked its Floor space Index (FSI) to 3, which will mean an extra 1 lakh affordable house in the City.

In another major step, the state also announced that it would put a cap of 35% to 90% as incentive area to be given to existing residents.

Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan announced the new guidelines in the legislative assembly on Thursday. Chavan  said, “We have decided to hike FSI to 3 from the existing 2.5.Also, we noticed builders making unreasonable offers and hence, have decided they can give an additional area of 35% to 90% to the existing tenants." He said in case Mhada itself redevelop the colonies, an extra 10% incentive area would be given to tenants. However, he clarified that the minimum area given to tenants would be 300 sq.ft.

This means the anyone currently occupying a 500 sq.ft house can get a new house measuring 675 to 950 square feet. If Mhada redevelops it, the tenants will get a house measuring 725 to 1000 square feet.

Chavan announced thet he was scrapping the premium schemes as the city needed housing stock." We have decided to balance the scheme whereby in some premium areas, Mhada will get more houses than builders and vice versa in others," he said.

The Maharashtra Chambers of Housing Industry (MCHI) has welcomed the announcement saying it will spur the revamp process."They are not builders but brokers who make ridiculous offer to bag developmental rights.

Most projects just languish and residents suffer in the end," said Paras Gundecha, President, MCHI.

Mhada has 56 colonies in the city with 3701 buildings housing more than 1 lakh tenements.
Housing activists, however, are unhappy with the announcement."Many residents have already signed agreements and this well derail their plans, "said Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association.

Chavan also said in view of shortage of houses, Mhada has been asked to remove the clause restricting winners from renting their flats for first 5 years.  

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